Our vision is simple, we believe that we are all here for a reason and the focus is to build a place where Scions can connect and discover one another. Every Scion is distinguished by its unique code of elements and each precious element will be creatively designed to the highest level. Accordingly, this galaxy of  Celestial Scions will reunite; they will have the vision to see what is truly meaningful but most importantly they will be able to connect to their own existence.


As a creative foe Celestial Scion, each kindled piece of art is modelled, designed, illustrated and animated to proclaim an individual's existence. A conceptual art image will begin this process. A form consisting of questions about personality, character, likes and dislikes will be assessed allowing for preparation and a preliminary vision of your portrait. An approval for this process is critical before any creating can begin. Uniting with this galaxy will offer you personal complacency and a stamp for generations to come.


To become a Scion is to become a unity. All elements must work together and make up a coherent and harmonious whole, therefore, we've composed three components of your transitioning into a Scion.

For progress sketches and other works follow me on instagram

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7th Symppony - 2nd movement - Beethoven
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